The Airhawk revolutionary comfort seating system

Airhawk for Bikes Airhawk for Trucks

Use Airhawk Comfort Seating Systems on your motorcycle or in your truck... In fact the system is completely portable and can be used for many applications.

  • 1 - Inflate cushion by mouth (or pump if supplied)
  • 2 - Insert cushion into cover with non-slip base
  • 3 - Place cushion onto seat and travel in comfort!
Airhawk - Easy as 123

The Technology

Airhawk Air Pocket

AIRHAWK Shape Fitting Technology® is designed to perfectly match body, shape and contour. By distributing pressure over the seated area, blood flow is enhanced achieving your precise level of comfort.

Airhawk Information Video

Ewan Mcgregor

No matter how long your journey, an Airhawk can make it easier on you.

Airhawk Pressure Map

Eliminating Pressure Points

The red and yellow areas on this photo indicate uncomfortable pressure points. Notice how AIRHAWK virtually eliminates pressure points, allowing more blood circulation and far more comfort throughout the buttocks.

No More Numbness

Adjustable air inflation and multiple cells provide a custom fit to your personal contour for every journey.

Premium Quality - Built to Last

The Airhawk is handcrafted from soft, pliable non-hardening poylurethane and features a breathable, stretchable outer cover and a non-skid urethane base to protect your seat.

No More Hot Seat

Breathable side panel allows air to circulate through individual air cells creating extra ventilation to reduce heat build-up.

Unsurpassed Comfort

Enjoy Longer Rides! The last mile feels like the first, thanks to AIRHAWK's exclusive Shape Fitting Technology®. Patented system eliminates painful pressure points and promotes consistent blood flow for a longer, more comfortable ride. Memory foam can't do it. Gel seats can't do it. Only genuine AIRHAWK can do it.